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Projection mapping at Life Tabernacle, Wichita Falls, TX



We are kind of like extended family

​From our humble beginnings building and acquiring our portable systems in the 90s to help out local churches, weddings, and small events, to installing large distributed AVL systems today, we understand the value of the terms affordable, quality, user-friendly, and time.  JAVLN wants to make sure that we could see ourselves using your system either professionally, or as a volunteer.  We want the end user and audience to feel as if it was tailor-made just for them - something you can be proud of.


We have been in the AV business since the early 90s and have a wide range of specialties including: System design, consultation, pro audio, live sound, room modeling, architectural modification, lighting, digital audio/video networking, event production, videography, and much more.  We are also musicians, graphic designers, carpenters, electricians, photographers, and IT administrators.


JAVLN will try to work as closely as possible with the client, board of directors, or contractor to make sure we are able to get exactly what the user wants, but without all of the hassle of having the client waste their time worrying.  We provide them with multiple options and phases that will suit their needs now and in the future.


JAVLN cares for its clients and values their mission.  That is why we want to get to know you, your staff, coworkers, family, and customers so we can build the best relationship and system that you need to fit your budget and give you peace of mind.  We are kind of like extended family.

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